Clever Spring Gardening Tips

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As it starts to warm up and the days start to get longer, now is the perfect time to get your garden thriving. This shouldn’t be a dreaded task, so here are Clever Dick’s top Spring Gardening Tips!


Clean out and tidy the garden

September is the perfect time to clean out your garden and remove debris. It has come to that time of year where trimming summer flowering shrubs such as hibiscus and hydrangeas is essential. Pruning and trimming hedges will help encourage new growth and see your garden thrive throughout Spring and Summer. Raking up the leaves, getting rid of weeds and cleaning the yard will help to declutter the garden and allow your imagination to run wild with new ideas! To make this task even easier, Clever Dick Rubbish Removals can help by coming to you and taking all the rubbish and clutter off your hands. Just give us a call and ask about our rubbish removal services.



Once you’ve cleared the garden and maintained the old plants, attention can be put on any new plants you want to add. Spring is the perfect time to plant just about anything. The moisture in the soil is still high, and plants can become established before the heatwave hits.

Some recommendations for good spring plants include:

  • Pansies
  • Snapdragons
  • Geraniums
  • Marigolds
  • Petunias
  • Lilacs
  • Tulips



Create an entertainer’s dream deck

A deck can add value and purpose to a yard. Why not create the ultimate entertainers retreat with a deck, just in time for the Spring Carnival and summer BBQs.

If this seems out of reach, the Clever Dick team would be more than happy to come to you and suggest some ideas. Here are some of the decking jobs we have done in the past.


Create an edible Spring garden

If you have the room, why not create your own veggie garden? Spring is an important season for the home veggie patch and is the perfect time to sow and plant all the warm season veggies such as beans, tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce and eggplants.

Basil is the perfect addition to the herb garden this time of year. Dill, thyme and rocket are also spring plants that will thrive if planted in the next few weeks.

The options are endless, and our next tip can help you plan the perfect veggie patch this Spring!



Get more ideas and tips with the ABC Veggie Guide App

The ABC Veggie Guide App is full of great gardening ideas and tips, and is perfect for any gardener, whether amateur or expert. You can navigate the app by selecting any edible plants you want, and it will provide planting hints, potential problems, as well as advised planting and harvesting directions.

The app can even sync up with your phone calendar so that you can be notified when to attend to your garden!

The ABC Veggie Guide App is available to download only on iOS devices.


No matter the needs whether it be large or small the Clever Dick Team are here to assist you with all your home DIY needs, with dedicated members suited and experienced in a wide range of areas. We create beautiful spaces whilst taking away your pain.

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