Clever Tips for Dressing a Boring Bedroom

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When we think of our bedroom we often think of relaxation and rejuvenation but how are we able to feel at ease and restful in a drab and uninviting space. Lift your room into an oasis of relaxation which you will be excited to enter each and every day with these clever tips.

New bedding

New bedding is a great way to create a whole new look for your room, whether you are looking for something super feminine or a more modern or classic approach. New bedding is a simple way to transform your room giving you that wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel instantly relaxed whenever you enter.

Highlight with a headboard

 The perfect headboard can transform a plain room into something exceptional. A neutral styled room can be uplifted with a much needed boost of personality with the right headboard to suite your style and individuality. There are great ways you can use different ideas such as using a wonderful piece of artwork or even a fun painted on version using wall stencils, no matter what you choose this can be a wonderful way to transform your room.

Create a wonderful reading nook

A little corner to curl up with a good book is a great way to unwind and relax at the end of the day. All it takes is a comfortable chair, the right lighting whether it be a simple floor lamp or even some candles to make your bedroom feel inviting and like a whole new space all together.

Adding an area rug

The use of the right sized area rug not only can brighten up a room and create new atmosphere but also has the added benefits of making a room seem more spacious and have a greater sense of flow. The key to picking the right rug is to ensure it is the right side for the room, to small or to large could throw out the aesthetic appeal but that perfect fit is worth the trouble giving it that wholesome effect.









Greenery and plants

A great way to bring new life into a room is to add a living plane. Not only do they look wonderful and add a splash of colour but they have the added benefit of removing toxins from the air and oxygenating a room allowing for a much more restful space. If you are a person who lacks a green thumb you can always opt for succulents which are very forgiving and come in a wide range of varieties to suit your taste and style needs

Banish the boring walls

Add some spice to your bedroom by changing up those boring plain walls. You can add a fresh coat of paint and revitalise your space, why not introduce an accent wall. You can also use wallpaper for some wonderfully fresh designs that will bring the space to life, if your worried about wallpaper damaging any of the walls you can also opt for the removable peel and stick options which can be changed up when you’re ready for something new again.

Personalise with artwork

Your bedroom is a personal space so it makes it the perfect location to add those personal photographs that you hold so dear. Try different combinations of shapes and frames, or try printing all of your favourite travel pictures in black and white with textured frames to add a bit of flair. This is a wonderful way to really define your own style and surround yourself with wonderful memories.





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