Clever Tips to Revamp a Rental

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We love our homes but often we find that it can become lacking and no longer possess that cosy feeling that we so desire. In such a case we want to give our home the love it deserves and revamp to uplift and create a warm atmosphere. Many people think this means an expensive over the top renovation but is often not the case, adding small touches can really enhance the overall appeal giving the room that cosy feeling and creating ambience. But how do we do this in a rental property changing the appearance and giving a drastic change to the home without causing any damage or structural changes. We have listed some great ways to revamp your rental without the worry but without the compromise of the overall appearance.


Stick and Peel wall decals


An accent wall can make a space go from something plain to something extraordinary. It can highlight the architectural features of a home, such as pictures where the darker colour draws your attention to the space and enlarges and creates volume. But not only can it create volume it is a great way to add texture, introduce colour and make a room complete. But how can you do this in a rental? General wallpaper requires glue can often cause damage and is not easy to remove and generally painting is not an option. A great solution is to use peel and stick wallpaper and decals, these are a great and fun way to revamp a room and are simple to remove without causing any damage. Whats great is you can use these almost anywhere, rooms, shelving and even back splashes the only limit is your imagination.

Pulls and Fixings 

Updating the external hardware of your home such as knobs, pulls and handles is like adding jewellery to the home. The can really enhance the overall appearance and feel to your space, they can complement and refine a kitchen design or add that extra wow factor to your bedroom. The best part is that they are easily changeable and with such a wide range available you can be sure to find something that is perfect for your style needs.


Shelving has the multi-functional benefit of aesthetic appeal but also serves as a functional storage option. Adding open shelving can be a great way to add storage to the home whilst also adding in your own style and flair and with the option to throw in colour pops that really liven up a room, and the great thing is you can use removable sticky hooks that shouldn’t cause damage to the walls. Shelving units can also be used to divide a room, adapting and completing an open storage solution as needed, easily creating your own oasis without the structural changes. Using adjustable shelving such as the one pictured from IKEA (ELVARLI) you can customise the space according to your needs as the posts adjust to the ceiling securing it in place there is no need for any hardware or fixings.


Plants and rentals are an ideal match, they make an ordinary space feel more like a home whilst adding colour and ambience. Why not incorporate the use of decorative ceramic pots in places that you wish to draw the eyes attention. The added bonus to the use of plants to liven up a space is that they are portable and when you feel like you need to change it up it is as simple as a rearrangement.

Creative Artwork 

Get some art into your space and be creative this will make a massive impact and turn the space into your own. You don’t need to go to the extreme and create a whole art gallery wall, but you could try hanging a statement piece to really brighten up a room. Use mirrors to create the illusion of space whilst adding to the overall aesthetic appearance or try resting pictures against a mantel or shelf to complete the look along side your accessories.


Try revamping up the place by changing over the light shades and bulbs. You can also try installing plug in pendants this is an easy way to create a custom look and whats great is they are portable and you can install them with adhesive hooks and take them with you when you leave. Adding in a statement floor lamp can really liven up a room and create wonderful mood lighting to really complete any space leaving you with that cosy feel.




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