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Its that time of year again when the leaves begin to change colour and fall covering the ground in a golden blanket of beauty, the air becomes that little bit crisper, and the sun begin to set earlier. Summer has left but now is the perfect time to prepare your home for the on coming months. We care for our bodies and have regular checkups but we often forget our homes need regular care to save from the big issues that may occur down the track. We’ve put together these clever tips to keep your home in the best shape it can be.

Test your smoke alarms.

As the sunshine is a little less present and the weather begins to cool down we tend to start using our fire places and heating systems more. The Victorian Metropolitan Fire Brigade recommends replacing the batteries of your smoke alarms at the end of every day light savings on a yearly basis, for those houses build after 1997 have an electrician test and ensure they are connected correctly to a 240 volt power main. It doesn’t take much but it can save lives by simply ensuring your smoke alarms are in correct working order.


Clear out your ventilation systems.

With any ventilation and air conditioning systems in your home there is always the high chance that over the summer period there has been a build up in the bacteria, grime and dust. The warmer weather and humid conditions makes for a perfect breeding ground for these nasty things, ensuring that you tend to your ventilation systems with the appropriate cleaners before you switch them on/ and or off is ideal to help keep your home and family out of harms way. This is also an ideal time to clean out the dryer ventilation and hoses to ensure more efficient working but also assist in keeping any germs at bay when it comes to cold’s and flu’s.


Gutter de-clutter


With the weather change comes the rain, and in order for your gutters to withstand the rain and foliage cleaning out your gutters is vital. climb up onto your ladder and ensure they are clean and clear, check over the structure and ensure that it holds strong. If you are uncomfortable or feel unsafe in doing this there are a range of services open to assist (including our services). Ensuring your gutters are clean, clear and strong can assist in preventing future issues in the future, including flooding, roof damage, damage to wood and fascia, damage to windows, doors and patios, and even damage to the foundations and landscaping. So a little bit of prevention is worth saving your home from potential issues in the future.


Leak testing

Rain can be a beautiful and peaceful thing, but not when it is inside your home. So before the wet weather comes in full swing now is the perfect time to check up on all your doors and windows, and make sure you can enjoy it in a nice and dry home. You can check for leaks using a screwdriver or similar object to probe the wooden trims around windows, doors, railings and decks, you are then able to to use caulk to fill any holes or gaps, or completely replace any necessary wood that may be damaged again preventing further issues that may arise.



The cooler but not yet cold and the low humidity of Autumn make it the perfect time to give you homes exterior the coat of pain it may be in need of. Painting the exterior of your home not only gives it an added face lift and curb appeal but has a range of many added benefits you may not be aware of such as assisting in the maintenance of the structural integrity protecting the innards of the property such as the wood and interior structures, protection from harsh weather and assists in temperature regulation of the home, extending the lifetime of siding helping to keep it look fresh and by extending the life saving money down the track, and can add value to the property as a whole.

Cleaning of carpets and rugs

During the spring and summer we love heading to the great outdoors, but we often forget that when we come back inside we tend to bring a lot of the dirt and grime back in with us. So this is a great time to give your carpets and rugs and good and thorough clean before settling in for the cooler months. Professional cleaning of the carpets and rugs can assist with many allergen triggers and assist in the lifespan by removing deep down dirt and remnants of those beloved summer activities, keeping your home fresh and more importantly assisting with the health of you and your loved ones.


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