Bringing luck into your Garden

In Clever Tips by cleverdick

With St Patrick’s day coming up we thought why not have the luck of the Irish every day with these inspired garden ideas and transformations making every day a lucky one.


Jade Plant 

The jade plant is known to provide many things such as positive prosperity and wealth. Also known as the asian money tree it it often used throughout the home and office, as it is a small low maintenance succulent it is well suited to most settings and adds a pop of colour to any area. Traditionally they are placed near entrances for the purpose of feng shui as it welcomes success to home and business owners.


Not only are orchids beautiful to look at and bring a relaxing and romantic element to your garden they are also said to be know to bring good fortune in love, improve current relationships or even attract t new romance all together. They also have the added benefit of to the release of oxygen at night so placing them near a bedroom window or having them potted in a room can assist in a wonderfully restful sleep.

Morning Glory 

A wonderful summer flower known for their early morning blooms, they are known to bring peace and happiness into your life and with such a stunning look they cant help but brighten any day. It has also been known to aid in restful sleeps and discourage nightmares when placing its seeds under your pillows before turning in for the night.

English Ivy 

There are many known benefits to this lovely piece of greenery, it can transform a plain and boring wall or area into and enchanting and beautiful feature. They are known to soften any “poison thrown towards you” where you work and live. They also hold the added benefits of removing any benzene that can be found in plastics and posses the ability to control formaldehyde produced from carpets and paints adding to an all up positive environment and the health of you and your loved ones.

Peace Lily

The peace lily with their distinguished white flowers not only beautiful to look at they also purify the air from harmful toxins. They are a well knows symbol for good lucky and harmonious environments, they are an auspicious feng shui decoration and are rather low in the maintenance department and possessing the ability to complete any space whether indoor or out. They yield a long bloom that holds over time adding to an ambient environment with a simplistic beauty.



Well known for its intoxicating aroma the jasmine plant makes for a beautiful addition to any garden, they have an intense perfume and surrounded with many blossoms which is more than enough to fill any room and enjoyed often caught along the evening breeze. Jasmine is said to attract love and fortune into your home and also has the added benefit of producing jasmine oil which is known to be one of the most powerful aphrodisiacs aiding to keeping romance alive.


Plants are such a wonderful addition to any home for an abundance of reasons but why not spice up your garden and bring some added luck into your life at the same time.