Top trends for 2018 interior lighting and design

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Lighting design tends to change from room to room. Although, one thing that continues to stay the same is that the lighting you choose will remain a central and be a core aspect to your home. Lighting is a reflection of functionality and feel for the space around it, you can use it to manipulate the atmosphere in which it creates aiding to ambience and productivity. These are the trends making a big difference to homes giving a new edge to style and finishing’s.

Rustic/ industrial Lighting with a refined twist



Great for adding into the kitchen as lighting is an essential ingredient for cooking and baking, however, we often install lights there simply for the utility purpose and forget that this can be a great opportunity to add in style and your own twist. Pendant lights or chandeliers are a great addition to the kitchen and dining areas, they provide adequate lighting whilst creating a warm and inviting feel for guests and loved ones. Vintage Edison light bulbs are a homely touch to any room and great for living areas and kitchens to add the final touch, they go well with a variety of styles and add a perfect finish to the industrial style.


Soft finishes with a touch of gold 


Soft colours such as greys and hues of subtle beige and silvers have been growing in popularity and the soft gold falls perfectly into this category and compliments contemporary decors beautifully. Being such a subtle finish this means it can blend into a range of styles from contemporary, classics, to farmhouse or urban. The soft gold not to be confused with the rose gold creates a such a warm and comforting finish, great to use as a reading lamp beside your reading chair.



 Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco 


That vintage looks keeps coming back, giving a nostalgic feel to those who enter a room with retro style finishing. These on trend styles gives you that feel but in a modern warmer take on the classics, this is not just a form of lighting it is a form of art. You can use subtle pieces that give a perfect finish or add a bold and colourful finish to brighten up any room with a modern twist.


Black and White 

One of those combinations that never really go out of style, the use of black and white interiors and fixtures is making a come back. Finishing of any room with that classic style of sophistication and elegance black and white lighting fixtures are a perfect accompaniment to any room.


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