Romance is in the DIY

In Clever Tips by cleverdick

Another year with a visit from St Valentine, stuck with ideas of what you can do? Avoid the same old chocolates and flowers by creating a memory strong enough to last a lifetime with these handy DIY ideas that are just an unique as your relationship.


The weather is beautiful with summer in the midst and outdoor cinemas are all the rage, but tickets sell out fast and can be over crowded. Why not create your own intimate outdoor cinema right in your backyard. It does not have to be expensive you are able to hire a proctor screen or borrow one from a friend, and even better you can choose the perfect movie.

Photograph by Buff Strickland 

Easily assembled by hanging a simple white or canvas drop sheet, and hand via rope or simply attach to a back wall. Or there are many companies that allow for screen and projection rental to aid in the setting up. Add the finishing touches with some fairy lights for an ambient setting, lay down a rug or picnic blankets with throw pillows and cushions, even candles and blankets in case it gets a little chilly. No movie night is complete without the snacks, so why not indulge in some of your favourite treats!


Beach-side picnic with a twist. Why not turn an overcrowded dinner date into something intimate and relaxed with minimal effort and even better you can enjoy it over and over anytime.

Photo via Grace Photography 

A simple to put together beach Ti-pi, able to put together using bamboo stakes you can find most hardware stores for a low cost and tie together with rope, simply add  the covering of your choice draped over the top, can use a simple lace and flowers or why not try something bright and colourful unique and distinct to your personalities. Add some finishing touches by placing blankets and cushions for added comfort and to create some mood lighting for that romantic effect candles and lanterns are a perfect addition, complete with a picnic basket of your favourite goodies. The perfect addition to any evening whether it be date night or just wanting to have something special to enjoy with the family, why not turn it into a fairy tea party and have a wonderfully enchanting family day.


Out of ideas for a gift? Why not do two things at once, with this great idea.


Print and frame your favourite places and memories of one another and create a beautiful wall piece that creates an inviting and warm space within your home, a lovely addition to any room adding personality to boring walls that will incite joy whenever you enter.  Great for spicing up the home and adding a new and fresh touch whilst sharing your special moments and joy with those around you.