New Year New Home

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Its the beginning of a new year and a time for new things and fresh starts. They say you’re home is your castle so this new year why not turn your home into the castle you deserve. Revitalise and rejuvenate your home with these clever tips and start fresh, New Year New Home!


Why not give DIY a try

We all have that beloved piece of furniture that we just cannot seem to part with. Why not give it a fresh new life with a bit of TLC and some elbow grease. Take the old dresser or chair and give it a light sand down and add a splash of paint to freshen the whole thing up. Finish with some pretty pulls or cushions and you’ve created a lovely new addition to freshen up your space whilst giving new life to your loved furniture. Lacking in colour inspiration why not check out our previous post to get them flowing.


Add new fixtures and Hardware

A simple way to brighten and revamp any space that can work in every room. Add new lamps to the bedside tables to create new mood and energy. Try updating your old and outdated lighting fixtures with some modern and mesmerising pendants. Changing over the pulls in the kitchen or bathroom to a fun colour or try adding a metallic touch to finish with a sleek modern look.



Get rid off all of those nasty plants that have lost their life and replace with lush and lively new varieties. Why not try some hanging succulents for an easy low maintenance way to freshen up your space or spice things up in the kitchen with a fresh herb selection. While your at it why not for-fill that resolution to create that veggie patch or outdoor area you have always wanted. Here is a great site that lists in season plants and the right time to plant in the future to always have fresh produce year round.




On of the easiest yet often overlooked ways to refresh and open up your space is to rearrange what you already have. Move around your art work and create new a new visual experience, change around your accessories on the shelves and mantle and move different pieces into different rooms. Try new furniture combinations this can open up and create space in any room and will make it feel as if it is a whole new room.



Using a pop of colour can freshen and recreate any room within the home. Add some coloured hand towels and fresh art work in the bathroom to create a tranquil experience each time you enter to relax. Add colourful hues in accessories try a coloured vase and fresh flowers to add a simple and elegant change to your dining area, small things can make a big difference.


Create the space you deserve in this new year whether it be the renovations you have been holding off but are longing to have completed or simply hanging new family photos the Clever Dick Team are always happy to lend a hand. No job to big or to small, this new year reach your resolution dreams.